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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Silent Night

I recently decided to experiment with writing prompts because lately I have felt a little stalled in my writing. A quick google search yielded this prompt: "Santa and Death both arrive at a child's house at the same time." Here is what I came up with.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A new spin on the saying "Write what you want to read"

So today I was on Wattpad, having finally gotten around to correcting some of the formatting on one of Rejecting Him's chapters. While I was reading over it to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything, one of the story recs at the bottom of the page caught my eye...

Wattpad recommends an old story I wrote for high school, Time Traveler of the Dead

Hey! That's one of my other stories!

After taking a screen cap of it, I went back to finish up what I was doing...

One of my other stories, Bad Moon Rising
And another one!

Either this doesn't happen a lot on Wattpad, or it's a regular thing and I've just never noticed it. Whatever the case, I couldn't help but find it a little funny.

Friday, November 1, 2013

New Blog Page

I just added a new page to this blog, called "My Writing". It's basically like an online portfolio of my writing. There are also links to my stories on the left-hand sidebar.

I am a member of two writing websites: Mibba and Wattpad, though my Wattpad page is more of a recreational thing. For that reason, any stories that I link to on here will take you to the ones I've posted on my Mibba account. If a story has an asterisk (*) next to it on the "My Writing" page, that means it was previously posted on Wattpad at an earlier date. I plan to update both the sidebar and the page that I've added when I start writing something new, so feel free to check back!

My Blog Makeover

This blog is getting a "makeover" since I felt it was a little all-over-the-place. It's currently a work in progress and probably will be for a bit. Check back later :)